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Tooth whitening treatment Delhi……

Dr. Amit Goswami, owner of Delhi Dental Center for cosmetic Dentistry & Smile Designing in East Delhi, welcomes people looking for Tooth Bleaching, Teeth Whitening & Laser speed In-office Tooth Whitening Treatment Procedures in – Delhi, India.


We as a tooth whitening Delhi dentist, work as a team with a patient – centered treatment approach. To give the best possible teeth whitening results to our patients as well as for our own professional growth at our clinic, we regularly update our skills, procure new materials and technologies for tooth whitening.


Our Delhi tooth whitening clinic with our tooth whitening dentist in Delhi welcomes you to our well-equipped dental clinic with excellent technologies and latest tooth whitening materials to create your nice and natural looking white and bright smile within a warm and caring environment.


We offer full range of tooth whitening service to our patients —

Types of Tooth Whitening at Delhi Dental Center

There are two basic options for smile whitening: These two systems have been found to produce the best results


  1. In-office tooth whitening: instant whitening results using light-activated gel to brighten teeth.
  2. At-home whitening systems: customized trays and prescription whitening gel done at home.

Both systems provide excellent results.



All our Products & Machines are FDA & CE approved.


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Why Whitening from us   —- 

  • Premier, State of the Art Dental Care Center.
  • Use of the latest techniques as per all recent advances in dentistry.
  • Highly skilled dental surgeons in all fields of dentistry.
  • Relaxed and a comfortable ambience.
  • Personal care of each patient during and after treatment.
  • Working hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on all days — Sundays Open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • No waiting lists.



Please feel Free to ask us any further questions about Dental Tooth Whitening or for a Free Tooth Whitening Consultation….


Dr. Goswami’s — Delhi Dental Center – one of the top specialized Laser Speed Tooth Whitening Treatment Dental Clinics in New Delhi India, welcome people looking for Laser speed Dental-Tooth-Teeth whitening or Dental Bleaching procedures for their stained or dis-coloured teeth.




Same team — Affordable cost — Same location since last 20 yrs. (est. 2000).


That’s the real beauty of getting Tooth Whitening from Delhi Dental Center.


Tooth Whitening Materials We Use